Southern Wisconsin's Largest Motorcycle Show!!

There's a lot of information on this site. Please check out all the posts. They explain classes, location and other information in detail. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at


- Tim

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day & Location Set!

When: Saturday July 17th
Where: North Henry St in Edgerton WI (See Below Map)

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Edgerton is just a half an hour south of Madison and a little over an hour southwest of Milwaukee.

We are hoping for a great turnout.

I'll be posting more information as the days go on as well as explanations of classes, events, sponsors and what charities benefit from this show.  Something a lot of people don't realize.......this is all non-profit.

A few more fine tweaks on the show flier and we will start mailing them out and dropping them off.  It's taken some creativity for us to add so much information on a 8" X 10" piece of paper and still keep it readable with the bare eye.  If you would like a stack or even just one, let me know and I will get them out to you ASAP.

Also as always any comments are appreciated.

- Tim

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Show

A few years ago some friends and I rode our bikes up to our towns annual car show in hopes of starting a motorcycle class for the following year. We were told that we would have to enter in the car shows "special interest" class. So, we tossed our entrance fee down, then participated, sat there all day and none of us won anything. Bummer right? Not was motivation.

Of course we thought we were ignored, but turns out we weren't. One of the car show guys explained to me that they being "car" people, knew nothing about how to fairly judge motorcycles. Makes sense. So the journey began. I offered up my services to be in charge of organizing the event and attend all necessary meetings. Last week after much discussion, the car show guys voted me in to be in charge of the first annual Edgerton Tobacco Days Motorcycle Show in conjunction with their car show.

We hope to use this blog to keep everyone up to date on details as the date progresses. There are a lot of exciting things happening and a lot of people that are involved at this point already.

If you have any questions, contact me......Tim