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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mario's Pizza......Welcome Aboard!

We would like to welcome Mario’s and thank them for becoming our newest sponsor.

For over 25 years Mario’s Pizza has served up and delivered Edgerton with great tasting pizza, sandwiches and other appetizers…..all with great service! 

Mario’s is located in downtown Edgerton at 210 W. Fulton St.  They have a full menu with pizza freshly made to order with just about every topping combination you can think of.  Pick your crust, regular, thin or the monster “stuffed pizza”.  The Stuffed Pizza is a regular pizza that is got a ton of toppings on it and then they put another layer of crust over it all, cover it in cheese and put it in the oven.  You are not eating all of that by yourself.  Don’t forget to get an order of Cheese Bread!!  Mario’s has a full service dining room that can accommodate families as well as individuals.  Working on your bike at night and starving but not feeling like cooking?  No worries, call Mario’s and let them know what you want and where you want it delivered (if you question whether or not they deliver to garages, don’t…..because they do!)

People come from all over the world to try and enjoy a Mario’s pizza.  With great tasting food, great service and a long term family owned business… can’t go wrong.        

Give them a call at 608-884-9488 for delivery or take out.  You can always stop in to dine as well!    

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