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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ryan S- Worlds Fastest Wheelie On Ice!!!

Just a sneak preview of who will be at the 2011 Tobacco Day’s Motorcycle Show in just under two weeks.

We have Ryan S of the Vertical Mischief Motorcycle Stunt Crew, holder of the world record for fastest ice wheelie.  Just this year Ryan went over 95 MPH on one wheel on Lake Koshkonong aboard his Kawasaki sport bike. Ryan performs his stunt shows all over the world and we are very happy to have him coming down with one of his highly modified stunt bikes.  He will be signing autographs and will be more than happy to speak with anyone with questions. 

Ryan S faced adversity in October of 2007 when while returning home from his day job at the Department of Natural Resources, he rounded a blind corner only to find a van in his lane.  His head went through the windshield of the van and he suffered several skull fractures and bleeding of the brain.  He also lost his left leg from the knee down.  Ryan spent many months in the hospital recovering from trauma head to toe even though he was wearing a helmet and full protective gear.  In under a year since his accident in 2008, Ryan was back on his stunt bike with a prosthetic leg from Prosthetic Laboratories in Madison Wisconsin.    He has since come back with a vengeance performing all over the world!

Come out to the Tobacco Days Motorcycle Show on Saturday July 16th and meet Ryan S from Vertical Mischeif!!!  

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  1. At this time the large number of riders do this stunt. This stunt is very difficult to do in the ice but Ryan done this stunt very smartly and make a record of world's fastest Wheelie on ice.
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